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I installed the newest Mono framework on Lion. After that I tried installing KeePass 2.17 from When I try to start the application it probably fails, silently (it looks as if nothing happened). How can I check what happened?

Does anybody know how to use KeePass 2.x on MacOS Lion?

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I found the problem and have a workaround until the developer publishes a fix.

  • In your Applications folder, right click on the app and choose Show Package Contents.

  • Navigate to the Contents/MacOS folder and open in TextEdit.

    Change this line:


    to this:


    (Replace the 6 with a 7).

  • Save and close.

Now the application should start up.

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If you don't mess around with the content of the application package, opening Terminal and execution sudo ln -s /Applications/ /Applications/ should do the trick as well. You may have to remove the link again before installing a new version though. – patrix Dec 3 '11 at 9:47
That works, and what a silly bug it is :). – ipavlic Dec 5 '11 at 22:27

I resolved my issues by using KeepassX (version 2.0 alpha 4), which appears to have less functions, but is natively integrated in OsX and copy-and-paste works as expected.

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