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I've written an AppleScript that I want to set as the default browser.

I've added a CFBundleDocumentTypes section to the p-list (copied from Safari) and rebuilt the launch services database, but that didn't work.

The script doesn't show up in the Safari default browser list. If I choose it manually in that preferences dialog, it's ignored, and Safari becomes the default browser.

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Have you tried adding the CFBundleURLTypes and the sub-key LSIsAppleDefaultForScheme?

        <string>Web site URL</string>

Not sure that it will help, but I have noticed these keys in the info.plist of all the apps that I have checked that show up in that browser list.

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Yes, it looks like that was the main thing I was missing. I found this article which specifically addresses the issue: – Dogweather Dec 10 '11 at 3:28

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