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I have a love-hate relationship with the new Reminders app in iOS 5.

I like how entering new items is made simple and the interface gradually reveals itself as you become more of a power user. Yet it fails at the most fundamental function—to remind me the important stuff that I entered.

How do I enable badges for due items in Reminders? I couldn't find the setting in Notifications preferences.

Does Reminders app support badges at all?

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Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to, no: the Reminders app has neither its own pane in the Settings app, nor any settings accessible in the app itself, and its entry under Notifications doesn't have an option to turn on Badges.

So, at least as of iOS 5.0.1, Reminders doesn't seem to support that feature.

I'm not seriously suggesting you switch apps, but if Badges in a todo app is a killer feature, I've also been a fan of Things.

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Yeah, in fact I was hoping to switch from Things to a simpler app but Reminders just doesn't cut it. – Dan Nov 27 '11 at 9:31

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