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I want to free some space on my SSD.

Is there a way to move the Developer folder from my root drive to another one without breaking anything?

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It might not hurt anything, or it might. A better (if more time-consuming) solution might be to delete your existing Developer folder, then re-install the dev tools to the drive you want them to be on. This will ensure that everything that has to be in /Developer is there.

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Some files in the /Developer path are referenced when you launch specific functions within Xcode. If you need to recover space and absolutely has to move /Developer, you could try

  • Move the /Developer folder to the alternate path and symlink it so that Xcode still finds it at /. Note: I haven't tried it with Xcode 4.x, so please share if this works.
  • alternative is to do a clean uninstall using 'sudo /Library/uninstall-devtools' and custom reinstall Xcode by specifying a different path.
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Using a symlink appears to work fine -- I just did it, browsed several topics, etc. – Larry OBrien Sep 21 '12 at 18:46

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