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Which is the best OS X "TO DO"-app that I can sync my Android device with?

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If these answers don't satisfy your question, I suggest that you flag your post and ask a moderator to try your luck by moving it to Android.SE. You're asking a third party app question to support your Android phone, that just happens to need to run on Apple's Desktop OS. But on Android, the OS is irrelevant (by which I mean Android users use all major operating systems and then some), more people use your type of phone, and everything desktop wise is 'third party'. Something to consider, is all :). – Jason Salaz Nov 19 '11 at 8:05
Also, there is no "best". Because your opinion of best may differ wildly from someone else's. – Jason Salaz Nov 19 '11 at 8:06
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I recommend Wunderlist. It has apps for Mac OSX, Windows, iPhone, iPad and yes Android. It can sync all between these different platforms. By the way it's free.

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Try out Evernote. It is free. I am pretty sure it can sync between Android and Mac. I cannot test it myself - I do not have an Android device.

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