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Hello everyone hope somebody could help me.

I work in education and we have been getting large amounts of iPad 2s being bought by schools so I have been trying to automate their deployment for our enterprise network. I know they are not the greatest devices to manage on the network but I have been using the "iPhone Configuration Utility" which is a great tool for pushing out preconfigured profiles.

The problem i am having is with the proxy setting on the wifi connection.

The wifi network gets connected fine but the proxy settings do not port over to the device.

I have tried manually editing the xml files as per the instructions on the web but the suggestions are from back in 2008 and do not work possibly due to a changed layout.

All the devices are on iOS 5 and i am using the utility version

Also i wanted to add that the same thing happens when applying to an iPod touch, wifi ok but no proxy.

pelase help! otherwise it will rain iPads from the 3rd floor! :D

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Which proxy type do you have? can you setup transparent proxy (we do it)? – Eir Nym Nov 16 '11 at 17:19
Thanks for the reply :) we do not use a transparent proxy, we are using the proxy to filter the internet for a large range of devices and it needs to be configured via the "Manual Proxy Setting". any suggestions? – Arturski Nov 17 '11 at 10:49
I'm having the same problem. iPads running iOS v.5.0.1. Configuration profiles generated in the iPhone Configuration Utility v3.4, consisting of Wifi names and passwords, and proxy logins and passwords (one for each WiFi node) All the XML in the generated profile looks OK, including the presence of manually assigned proxy info including a username and password. When these profiles are pushed out to the iPads, all the Wifi logins are OK, but the proxy information is absent. This looks like a bug to me! I'd be grateful to know if anyone has a fix. – user17959 Jan 30 '12 at 6:41

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