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I have installed windows xp/vista through bootcamp with snow leopard (boot camp 3.x) several times. After a fresh installation of lion on my macbook air, something has changed.

With boot camp 4.0, I cannot create a bootcamp partition for windows 7 without external cd-rom, which would not occur with snow leopard. I tried to use usb stick and virtual windows 7 cd on the usb stick however, both not work.

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It's possible.

  1. Create a partition for Windows.

  2. Get the Windows 7 USB DVD download tool. Create a bootable USB installer.

  3. Boot from the USB stick and install Windows to the partition you made.

If you already tried the above, what error do you get?

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thank you, I tried and it works. – AntiGameZ Mar 8 '12 at 3:25

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