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I am an iOS developer. What certifications does Apple provide in the field of iPhone/iOS development?

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There are no iOS certifications currently listed on the Apple Developer web site.

The de-facto industry standard base-level certification is getting at least one non-trivial native Objective C app that you've developed approved by Apple into the iOS App store.

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Apple has hyperlinks to all of the topics they do provide certification for off of this page. At this time it is only Mac OS X IT-related and 'Pro Apps', meaning Apple apps used by creative professionals/iWork.

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I am not aware of Apple-sanctioned certifications for software development. From the Apple Certifications page there are only two tracks - IT and Creative. Becoming an Apple Developer gives you access to Apple material such as Tech Talk and WWDC sessions, but there is no official certification path as far as I can tell.

I have read wonderful things about training at the Big Nerd Ranch and at the Pragmatic Studio, but I haven't experienced these courses myself (yet). Both of these places are well regarded in the community and while they do no not offer certifications per se, they still seem like terrific alternatives for training. Hope this helps.

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