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We are working in flash and flex and have many experienced developer, but problem is that flash don't work on iphone. but new flex can build apps for iOS. So I want to know that is it possible to develop iOS app in flex? When I ask to flex people they say yes, but when I ask to iOS developers, they say no. So I am here on stackexchange to konw what actually truth is?

So please tell what ever you know.


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If you're working with Flash CS5.5+ it seams to be possible. Take a look at this.

Generally would I suggest going native though, because native apps can always provide a better experience than any cross platform solution.

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Flex compiles to native iOS apps, so the second part of your answer does not really make much sense. It is just another tool for getting there. – Gerry Nov 11 '11 at 17:22
There's more to native apps than what the binaries look like. If you're using cross platform tools you're far less likely to get all details right and to respect all platform conventions. Your app is going to feel less native (if though - yes - it's native code). – voidStern Nov 11 '11 at 18:51

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