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Is it possible to perform a "right click drag" with a Magic Trackpad? What gestures/settings do I need to accomplish this?

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I have the same problem sharing magic tracpad using synergy. When you tap down with two fingers and lift its a right click, two fingers and hold its a scroll.

What works is two fingers, then press down hard enough to engage the physical mouse button built into the feet.

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In Windows 7 under Parallels I can right-drag with the Magic Trackpad by clicking and dragging with two fingers. I can also click with two fingers and continue dragging with one to get a right drag. I don't think OSX has a right-drag.

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I don't like pressing hard to drag, I use the 3-finger-drag gesture. With this it is easy to right-drag, just hold ctrl on the keyboard and drag with three fingers on the Trackpad.

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