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Launchpad quickly becomes a mess once you have many apps installed. Especially seeing the fact that stuff like 'Microsoft Silverlight' (which you most likely will never run manually, but runs as a plugin) hooks itself into the Launchpad as well.

I have a couple of 'Crap' and 'Stuff' folders in which I store apps like these. Still, I'd like to navigate my Launchpad faster. When a person opens Launchpad, he/she usually knows what app he/she wants to start; it would be a lot easier if I'd be able to press the first character of this app, and Launchpad would automatically create a custom filtered screen for me.

Apparently, there is no such feature, but are there perhaps any plans to integrate this into OS X in a later stage? If not, are there any plugins that might be able to do this?

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I guess you can just forgo launchpad and try Alfred. It's navigated by keyboard anyway, so you can configure it to just show apps when you type something into the bar. Because, as you said, a user probably knows the app their searching for, theres not really a point to look at a grid of all the options in Launchpad, when you know you are only going to need one.

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If you navigate to your application by keyboard anyway, you can easily

  • press Cmd-Space to activate Spotlight
  • start typing the name of the application
  • press Return as soon as Spotlight found the application

You may get a few false hits at the beginning but Spotlight learns about your Preferences quite fast.

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