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I configured my computer name to "Macbook of Matthieu" in the network sharing preferences.

However, this name end up being used: new-host-2.home, how can I change that?

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Sounds like a DHCP generated name. – Max Ried Oct 27 '12 at 10:45

The ".home" domain sounds like it might be something your router is providing. Check your router's settings for a DNS server configuration. If you want to use the Bonjour/mDNS ".local" names, then turn off the router's DNS server, or tell it to act only as a proxy for your ISP's DNS service.

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Go to System Preferences, then the Sharing Pane. You can change the name of the computer there.

This sometimes happens when a new computer replaces an old one, or a new version of an OS is installed.

Hope this helps.

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Yes that is what I did (see my question). However it still is new-host-2.home. I'll try to restart. – Matthieu Napoli Nov 3 '11 at 21:48

If you are looking at the shared Mac from a Windows machine, the discovery is done through Microsoft Network, which uses NetBIOS layer to get the name of the hosts.

The NetBIOS name is set up in OS X from the Network Properties panel, as shown in the image bellow.enter image description here

If, you are having issues with the name seen under OS X, than you might have a synchronisation name problem, as described in the topic bellow: Why does my iMac have one name under sharing, but then say 'new-host3.home' as well?

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