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Just bought latest generation 2Tb Time Capsule that replaced my old USB drive for Time Machine backups and my Belkin G router. Everything runs fine except when I start downloading torrents. With Belkin, I could run several downloads, work remotely on three machines, and my wife could be streaming Netflix over Apple TV. Now, with Transmission running a 2.1MB/s download and no Netflix streaming, my remote connections feel like I am on dial-up. This is really disappointing. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I know I can throttle the torrents but I also frequently download large files for work and I can't just sit there waiting for download to finish before I can continue working remotely.

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The TC router really isn't as great as it could be, I would go back to using the belkin as your wireless network and have the TC running from it.

I have a 500gb TC used on a SKY router, I have used it as a router, but also found it was slow.

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Don't forget about latency.

Torrenting has a tendency to open an unusually high number of concurrent connections that create a lot of chatter on the network and exhaust the router's memory by overloading the NAT cache. 'Feels like a 56k connection' can be a symptom that your router is having difficulty handling the load. A high number of dropped packets (requiring re-transmission) is another.

An quick fix is to simply reduce the number of connections. Unless you're swarm peers all have very slow upstream bandwidth, it shouldn't impact your download speed much.

Note: The NAT Cache is where the router stores the mapping of connections between the remote user public IP and the local user's private IP.

You can configure it in Transmission under...

Transmission->Preferences->Peers->Global Number of Connections

Manufacturers (incl Apple) have a tendency to cheap out on the router hardware because it won't have a negative impact on the 'average' user.

SideNote: The lack of QOS capabilities on the TC is pretty lame.

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