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I have a Canon iP3600 printer connected to a networked hard drive and up until a few days ago I was able to print from it. however, i have now lost the ability to print ever since i downloaded Apple's updated software for the printer!

I have my mac partitioned and running Windows 7 and can still print perfectly from there, so the cables are obviously not the problem. I can still print perfectly if I connect the printer via USB directly to the Mac. I can even print a test page from the Print preferences page.

I just cannot print from a document. Print Queue keeps saying "Copying print data" but nothing happens! Have downloaded the latest driver from the Canon website and deleted and re-installed the printer several times and several ways to no avail.

Any ideas most welcome...

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Are you getting any error messages when you try to print? – nthonygreen Nov 2 '11 at 12:14

I had the same problem and this is what I did to fix it:

  1. Go to http://localhost:631/

    If you get the "Web Interface is Disabled" message, run cupsctl WebInterface=yes in Terminal.

  2. Choose the Administration tab.

  3. Click Add Printer.

    If you are required to login, use a local Administrator account.

  4. Select the printer (in my case it was automatically found).

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I have exactly the same problem, installed driver numerous times, repaired permissions etc.. Then I installed Gutenprint (main page, Mac OSX page) and can print using that, although it seems to be terribly slow on my MP800R. Would still love to hear a different solution for getting the Canon drivers to work.

[edit] After some more fiddling I got it working. Instead of adding the printer as an IP printer using LPD I added it via CUPS (http://localhost:631) and there for the connection I could choose canonijnetwork://Canon/MP800R? The last bit will be different for everyone as it is the printer model and mac address. But after doing that I could print using the canon driver and also see the supply levels.

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Have tried the above, but where is it you enter the canonijnetwork://Canon/iP3600?00.c0.02.F1.D2.16, which are my details. Although I'm not sure on how to check the model. – user18730 Feb 14 '12 at 17:48

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