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I have a school project where I have to make a program(java), therefore I need some way to keep track of the changes I make to the sources; I decided the best way to do this it to create a git repository on my account. How is this done?

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The best version control system I have tried is GIT together with GitHub.

If you are just a single developer that works on a project then SVN is okayish. However when you start collaborating with other developers or work on multiple computers, then a distributed version control system really shines.

A really good app for working with GIT is SourceTree (free).

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I used dropbox instead of GitHUB since I already had all my files there and I'm the only that will be working n this project. – Samantha Catania Nov 1 '11 at 14:47

Go with Git. If you want a GUI client take a look at Gitbox (paid) or Github for Mac (free)

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