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I'm looking for an alternative to iTunes' Album Art. I liked it so far but since the upgrade to Lion / latest iTunes I see some annoying bugs.

To be worth considering, the alternative I'm looking for must have at least these three features:

  • Automatic lyrics download and saving in the ID3 tag;
  • Automatic cover download (iTunes is confused when the album title is missing);
  • Display cover/title/artist on the desktop.

Any suggestions?

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As for "Display cover/title/artist on the desktop." are you looking for something that changes the desktop background to match the album artwork of the currently playing song? – MrDaniel Feb 9 '12 at 18:46
Possible Duplicate: – Jason Salaz May 31 '12 at 21:29
Really!? You dug up the topic for that? – gregseth Jun 1 '12 at 8:22

For the lyrics part, I would recommend Get Lyrical. It can actively tag songs, tag specific songs, or tag a playlist. It gets all of its lyrics from Lyrics Wiki. This is a great little application and I highly recommend it. It has a simple, clean interface that is really easy to use:

Get Lyrical

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Have you tried Corripio Artwork Finder or Album Art Thingy ? They do cover art and lyrics.

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There is, export your iTunes library as XML file and upload it there, they find almost every CD cover available!

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Tagalicious is a paid for app that:

  • Works seeminglessly with iTunes.
  • Finds Album Art & Song Lyrics
  • Organises your music with the right information & tags

It maybe expensive, but it may also be worth it where other apps have let you down in the past.

More info:

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