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Sidekick is a helpful little tool which adjusts the system settings based on geographical location.

I added an action which will execute a sudo command-line command. The problem is that the Terminal pops up and asks me for the password. Is there a way to allow Sidekick to execute sudo without asking for a password?

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The real question is, do you really want to? sudo requires a password after regular intervals for a good reason. – Blazemonger Oct 28 '11 at 18:46
I want to enable and disable some sharing settings: turning file, web sharing and remote management on and off. This is possible without a password anyways via System Preferences. Sadly this is not supported by AppleScript. – Lenar Hoyt Oct 28 '11 at 18:49
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You can disable password prompt when calling sudo in combination with certain commands by editing the sudoers file. This is done by opening a terminal and running sudo visudo. You have to add the follwing lines

Cmnd_Alias SIDEKICK_CMDS = /full/path/to/the/command1,  /full/path/to/the/command2


Be careful with this, as it may lead to security risks. It enables anyone logged in with your account ( so not just sidekick) to run the commands in the list without a password prompt.

For a full description of the sudoers options check the manpage : man sudoers

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