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I have an iMac desktop and a Mac Mini, both running under OS Lion, and both under my local network WiFi (iMac with a cable and Mini on WiFi). I configured "Screen sharing" on the Mini and installed the TightVNC Viewer version 1.3.10 on the iMac. When I invoke the vncviewer on the iMac, it connects fine and I am able to do everything I need. The only problem are the keys used for diacritics (accents): none of them work! The keyboard of my iMac (standard Apple keyboard) is configured as "U.S. International PC", so that when I type on the iMac, for instance, the two keys '^a' I get the character 'รข' (a with circumflex). If I want the character '~' I press the keys ~ and a space. I chose the same keyboard option for my Mini, but these special keys are completely dead and I can't get any accented letters, or even worse, I can't type personal URLs which include ~.

Any hints on how to solve the problem?

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Is there a specific reason for using VNC ? Why not use the built-in Screen Sharing app if you are sharing between two macs ? You will probably get much better integration. – Kassym Dorsel Oct 27 '11 at 18:53
Great suggestion -- I did not know about this app. – Tsf Oct 28 '11 at 13:28

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