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Does anyone knows if (and how) I can get my MacBook Air trackpad to feel more natural when used with the iOS simulator ?

It should be easier to use the iOS simulator with the trackpad - but it's not, it's way more difficult to scroll :-( It feels weird but it's the only time I wish I had a mouse on my mac book air - to emulate a touch screen :-|

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Unfortunatly the simulator was not built to understand multi-touch gestures which is strange considering the rest of the OS has. I think you will just need to wait until Apple updates the simulator.

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I know this answer is too late, but it might help somebody ease their debugging using the iOS Simulator. Have a look at iOS Simulator Plus. It's not really a 100% solution but I think it is one step more convenient.

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It's not a problem to spread your own software. However, then you should reveal your affiliation with the product. Please add a full disclosure to your answer. –  Bart Arondson Dec 5 '13 at 12:25

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