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Spotlight only indexes a limited number of folders and doesn't index all of the files on your system. This makes sense and for the average user this usually isn't a problem. However, I recently discovered an annoying side-effect: Image files in a a non-indexed folder do not show their image dimensions in the Finder!

enter image description here Screenshot shows that a image which was non-indexed does not have any dimensions.

Is there any way of telling Spotlight to include a normally un-indexed folder in it's index to ensure that the dimensions are shown in the Finder?

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I wanted to recommend mdimport but while this is successfull in adding new files/directories it doesn't seem to update the dimensions. Grrr. – patrix Oct 25 '11 at 19:20

Well, in order to answer the implicit question stated in your headline: You can force Spotlight to index unindexed folders by creating a link to them in an indexed folder. Say you want to index something under ~/Library/, you'll be able to do that by creating a link under your home directory.

Unfortunately, I can't answer your question proper: While this makes Spotlight comments etc. accessible, it still does not cause image dimensions to appear in Finder. But perhaps this is a starting point.

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