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The MacBook Air has no Kensington lock slot. What other options are available for protecting it from theft?

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Plugspy by Celmaro claims to secure a MacBook Air by monitoring its MagSafe connection status:

Plug Spy au­to ac­ti­vates when your screen is locked and start an an­noy­ing high vol­ume alert sound and send a Growl no­ti­fi­ca­tion when your Mac­Book gets un­plugged from the MagSafe pow­er adapter.

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Here's one USB option. Haven't tested it personally, though, but seems better than some of the alternatives involving plastic shells and such.

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I like a good old hardware solution, just a basic lock/ case. I ordered the below macbook air lock. It worked! the bottom part has a built in security lock and you get a cable with it.

Check it out:

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