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If I share my ethernet over WiFi I would like to specify the IP address of the hotspot (for now it defaults to Can this be set somewhere in system settings?

Note: the ethernet is not connected. I just run a local web server that should be accessible by some clients connection to my hotspot (and therefore I should have a fix IP address).

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AFAICT, this is managed by the process When it is enabled, the file /etc/bootpd.plist is created. Here it has your IP address

However, this file is deleted and recreated when Internet Sharing restarts, so modifying it is pointless. I bet that the defaults command can be used to set a new IP address, however defaults read and sudo defaults read do not cite anything related to "".

I know this isn't a complete answer, but if you find whatever is creating /etc/bootpd.plist you'll probably accomplish your goal. You may want to read this earlier question about Internet Sharing.

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thanks a lot for this hint. I will check it. – Reto Aebersold Oct 24 '11 at 20:28

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