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I can hit the up and down arrows to navigate a playlist in iTunes 10.5 but hitting F2 doesn't allow me to rename a song. I have to grab the mouse and do a finicky click, wait, click to highlight the song and then rename it. Can I just assign F2 to this? Or can I use an existing keyboard shortcut?

Incidentally, I know I can hit Command-I, and then Command-2, tab to Name, change the name, and hit Return, but this sub-optimal.

Bonus points if you can explain how I would assign such a shortcut to highlight the Genre of a song, which is my more common use case (long story).

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fn + return works while navigating with the up and down keys. Edit the song, then press return again to submit changes.

For the other columns just press tab to reach the desired column.

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Perfect! Thank you! – Philip Durbin Oct 23 '11 at 3:27
For keyboards without a fn key, use the enter key from the numeric keypad (fn+return is often equivalent to the keypad enter). Also ⌘+return seems to work for this purpose in iTunes 10.5 (probably on either type of keyboard). – Chris Johnsen Oct 23 '11 at 3:48
@ChrisJohnsen everything you say here is true. I'll just use the Enter key on my numeric keypad since it's only one button to press. Thanks! – Philip Durbin Oct 23 '11 at 13:46
  • Press ↑ Up or ↓ Down to go to the track in iTunes.

  • Press ⌘ cmd + ↩ return.

    Editing Track Name

    The track name will now highlight and become ready to edit

  • Enter the text of the title.

    Typing New Track Name

  • Press ↩ return to commit the renaming of the track.

    Committed rename

I made a page of this (with pictures) at:

See Apple KB Article PH12110 for an exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts.

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