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I've tried upgrading iTunes, un-installing and reinstalling. Removing all Apple software from my machine. Running the installer with administrative rights. Installing Quicktime independently of iTunes. I've searched everywhere I can about this error I'm experiencing and I still haven't resolved the issue. I've even been through Apple's support article.

Acording to the statistics found under my System in the Control Panel, I am in fact running on a 64-bit OS. Below is the error I'm faced with during installation. Clicking OK cancels the installation wizard.

enter image description here

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Did some digging because I knew I have seen this error before. It looks like it is not a direct issue with iTunes but with your Microsoft Virtual C++ redistributable. I resolved it by following the steps in

You are clearly not the only one having this issue, and the steps can be generalized to:

  1. Run windows update
  2. Download and update your Microsoft C++ redistributable

That has worked for me for a couple of different people's problems, and I hope it fixes yours.

There are additional steps in the thread such as some registry fixes for the windows installer service, however I would give these steps a try first, especially since they cant really cause any harm.

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I had one update for Vista 64-bit. Unfortunatly it disappeared and 'Windows could not search for new updates' Now I've got a non-apple related problem... Thanks for the help anyway. – Ambo100 Oct 28 '11 at 18:15

You should reinstall all your Microsoft C++ redistributable packages and install all of them (x86 and x64): for VC 2005, 2008, 2010. and then install iTunes 10.5

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