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Are there any iPad PDF apps that either automatically or manually can split scanned PDF's into multiple pages?

At school, I receive many scanned PDFs that have 2 physical pages per PDF page, which makes them more cumbersome to work with since it requires me to manually pan around to see the next page.

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That task is not trivial even when using a computer. A possible work-flow would be duplicating each page and then cropping only the respective half. On a computer this can be done manually or even using a script with pdftk and pdfcrop. But I doubt that an iPad app exists that will do the job. I would also recommend trying GoodReader. – iolsmit Feb 12 '12 at 17:50

PDFPen for iPad

has recently been released. It will permit you to split PDFs by saving a new copy of the PDF and then deleting pages you don't want.

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I've not come across anything that will alter PDF's like that, however Goodreader (and Goodreader for iPad) is in my opinion the best PDF reader app

It has quite a few reading modes and easier pan and zoom controls (multitouch gestures) that may provide a better reading experience than using the iPad's built in viewer.

The downside is it is a commercial program, but at $5, it is money well spent.

GoodReader for iPad

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