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I have iTunes 10.5 and Mac OS X version 10.6.8.

I would like to restore my iPhone from backup.

iTunes detects all my backups EXCEPT one, which happens to be the backup I want. 

I looked in the backup directory (~/library/application support/mobilesync/backup) and IT IS THERE along with the other backups. HOWEVER, unlike the other backups, it's missing five files: info.plist, status.plist, manifest.plist, manifest.mbdb, and manifest.mbdx

I have tried applications that can extract data, like the free iPhone Backup Extractor for example, but they work only if I have the five files. 

Is there a way to recover data without the five files?

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These files contains some device informations(such as your device name, device serial number, iOS version, firmware version, backup timestamp and more) and some backup files struct information. But some your important files were stored in .sqlite database and some encrypted files. So if you don't need this five files. Many recovery tool can recover data from unfinished backup files.

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Got an example of a tool which can? OP states he tried some. –  Rob Mar 10 at 7:41
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Directly restoring from iTunes backup, you have no choice by restoring the entire backup. It's the rule from Apple. But if you still need to do this, you can choose to find an iTunes backup extract tool, which is usually used to extract the iTunes backup file. Then you can preview and selectively recover whatever you want from it.

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