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I'm sure I came across a really nice app that would ping a list of sites or IP addresses every x mins/hours and send alerts when it could not ping.

But I can't find the app back, anyone know of any good ones?

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I'm not sure if this sends alerts, but it can monitor up to 250 IP addresses at whatever interval you like. It can display the host, status (as green/yellow/red) and ping time.

On the app store for $1.99:

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Yeah this is the functionality I was after... but it's not the app I remember. I found another app call "sntop" which does what I want too but not in a nice GUI as I remember. – Mint Oct 21 '11 at 20:09

How about a web service that will do this for you?

Check out It will ping an IP address (or http-get or traceroute) for you from a collection of sensor sites. It looks like it will email you error notifications.

I haven't used the site, so can't speak to how well it works.

enter image description here

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Not really... I need something to check that my local internet connectivity is working. – Mint Oct 21 '11 at 19:14

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