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I wonder if I can remove the U.S. language of the languages list.
Because I use a shortcut to cycle through input methods, and don't want to land on U.S. as ArgenPinYin is already a modified U.S. international keyboard layout, so I don't need the plain U.S.
Is there a way?

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Which OS version? – Daniel Oct 18 '11 at 22:51
10.6.8 _____________________________ – Petruza Nov 7 '11 at 19:37
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It appears that OS X requires a keyboard layout that it recognizes as producing latin characters to be selected as one of the choices in the menu, and it does not recognize ArgenPinYin as one of them. I can deselect the US layout if I select German or Portuguese, for instance, but not if I select Greek or Pinyin - Simplified.

So yes, U.S. can be removed as a language, but some other keyboard layout that OS X recognizes as a Latin layout must first be selected.

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OS X might recognize a custom layout as equivalent to one of the Roman system layouts if you could somehow include it in the AppleKeyboardLayouts.bundle in system/library/keyboard layouts, but I have never seen any way to modify that.

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