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OS X lets me type special characters directly on the keyboard by holding the Option. For example: — is an em dash, “ and ” are curvy quotes, etc.

Is there a good cheat sheet listing all these keys somewhere? I tend to find myself holding option and running my hands up and down the keyboard looking for a specific character.

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In the "Input menu" in the menu bar (to switch on System Preferences -> Language and Text -> Show Input method in menu bar.. Make sure Keyboard and Character Viewer in Select Input Methods to use is selected)

  1. Enable

  2. Where to find

  3. without alt

  4. with alt

And you have your cheat sheet.

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Does not exist in 10.10. –  jameshfisher Oct 31 '14 at 17:57
@jameshfisher that is unfortunate. Is there an alternate way to access it? –  Nivas Nov 3 '14 at 20:52

In the preference pane "International" under "Input Menu" activate "Character Palette" and "Keyboard Viewer".

You will then have access to the "Keyboard Viewer" in the menu bar.

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