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I'm looking for a simple, zippered "sleeve" case for an iPod Touch (like a laptop sleeve, only smaller). I'm interesting in something styled like Case Logic's zippered digital camera cases, such as this one or this one. Those would be perfect, except the Case Logic website warns that they are too small to fit an iPod Touch (by about half an inch). I've looked at Incase's offerings, too, but they don't sell anything like these.

I'm primarily interesting in protecting the iPod's screen while carrying it in a pants or jacket pocket. Many of the iPod cases I've found either don't cover the screen, or are, frankly, kind of ugly and gaudy.

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You might look at this one.

I have a sleevecase from that same vendor for my MBP, and it's been great.

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Thanks. I shouldn't've used "travel case". I meant something more along the lines of a laptop sleeve, but for an iPod -- just couldn't think of the term. I updated my question to reflect this. – mipadi Oct 1 '10 at 15:57

There's a lot of different options around out there. Here's two I've found:

And while you might not think of it, there are several possibilities on Etsy as well. If you find one there that's close to what you want but not quite right, you can always ask the maker if they do custom work.

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