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I logged into iCloud with an old Apple ID ( because I was hoping I could use that old email address with iCloud. However, it told me I had to create a new email address in the iCloud setup tool so I did (

The thing is, my preferred Apple ID is actually different (, that's the Apple ID I've been buying iTunes music with for years, so I want to keep using it for iCloud too.

So I logged out of iCloud, and logged in with the "correct" Apple ID

Then I went to configure Mail for iCloud to use my newly created, but it's prompting me to create a "new" email. It won't let me use the that I just created under the Apple ID. :(

Since I already have and like, I want to use that one, but it won't let me. It insists on creating a new

Is there any way to associate the newly created email address with a different Apple ID than the one I created it with? Or am I stuck creating yet another email address?

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If I understand correctly, you would like to change the primary email address associated with your apple id, this is not only possible but fairly easy to do if you have the right site.

Click "Manage your account" about halfway down and you should be presented with an option to edit "Apple ID and Primary Email Address".

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There appears to be no way to do what I need.

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I changed the email of my iTunes account and then logged into iCloud with a different Apple ID with the email address I wanted to use.

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