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I've been doing some live streaming lately, and learned that Adobe's Flash Media Live Encoder is cross-platform. Unfortunately, it's been ludicrously unstable crashing occasionally during use, and always crashing when told to quit.

After searching for alternatives, the closest I came was Telestream's Wirecast product, which despite it's "affordable" claim, is $450 I don't have, and about $400 worth of features I don't need.

What I need in a rtmp/flash streaming client is:

  1. Stability and a good native feeling client. Adobe's dark-grey drab interface is neither of these things.
  2. A reasonable price. I'm willing to pay money, but triple-digits is pushing it. Free is always nice :).
  3. Support for XML profile import. I'm unsure of any other specific term for this, but Nico Nico has a link in their streaming interface to download an XML file containing stream quality parameters, default device selection, and of course the URL of the streaming server. It's wonderful to simply tell FMLE to open this file, and then just click 'Start'.

I have no specific requirements of 'effects' or generally ways to change the stream. I use CamTwist as a front-end device to set the video however I want.

Has anyone used any other software fulfilling this purpose?

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Try influxis.com, it's web based but you could get your cam streaming pretty quickly. There are free options also like Red5, it's open source and it doesn't use FMS.

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I'm not looking to change stream hosts. –  Jason Salaz Oct 11 '11 at 4:03
By which I mean, all of Influxis' apps are free, but there aren't download links, which makes me believe I have to signup and pay for their services first. –  Jason Salaz Oct 11 '11 at 4:43
Yes you have to pay something, it's not much though if you want to see something running. But why don't you get Adobe FMS development license and you'll get some examples as well? –  Ska Oct 12 '11 at 2:54

I have worked for Influxis the last 4 years and I've learned that FMLE is actually quite stable if configured properly. What version are you using?

Most all versions support XML profiles as well. What are your current settings? (format, frame rate, key frame interval, input size, bit rate etc.)

There's also many adjustments that can be done on the server-side to optimize how the data is written to the network layer specifically for live streaming.

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Using FMLE 2.3 under OS X 10.7 on my MacBook Pro. - I didn't state that FMLE doesn't support XML profiles, I said that if I use some other app, it must support XML profiles. - The settings are all provided by Nico Nico, which means that I don't control the settings, nor can I optimize anything server side. –  Jason Salaz Oct 11 '11 at 19:15
P.S. Welcome to Ask Different :). –  Jason Salaz Oct 11 '11 at 19:15

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