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I'd like to buy a Macbook Pro 15 inch instead of a Dell, and I know I can send video to the HDMI TV using the Moshi adapter.

My MacBook doesn't have a drive for Blu Ray discs. Is there a way to solve this? I kind of want the navigation of chapters and extra features in a Blu Ray disc, so if using makemkv and a Sony external Blu Ray drive to make the Blu Ray disc into an .mkv file, that's not so preferred.

(Is one possible way to use the Sony external BD drive (about $180), and use bootcamp to boot up Windows 7 instead? Although this method is not so preferred because it needs to boot up only Windows)

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VLC 2 on Mac has experiment support for BD playback. That should work with an external drive of your choice. If you don't need a native player, you can always run a VM and have your pick of Linux or Windows Blu Ray player software.

Vlc can't play decoded commercial Blu-ray discs as I know. But Macgo have got the BDA license already and can decrypt Blu-ray codes legally.

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