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Can I retrieve a list of the sizes of MacPorts installed packages?

Yes, I know they are compiled from sources, but if a list of generated files is known, it should be computable anyway.

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Using the command:

du -sh /opt/local/var/macports/software/*

echos back all directories and sizes of your installed ports.

Use the command:

port -d echo installed

echoes a listing of the ports installed.

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Oh. I didn't know they were neatly installed in separate directories :) –  Lohoris Oct 8 '11 at 12:13
Oh, they aren't. In those directories I just have the tarballs. I want to know the full current installed size. –  Lohoris Oct 8 '11 at 12:16

Well, by default they install to /opt/local so it should be as easy as cd /opt/local && du -sh * to get a list of the file sizes. Not sure if it's built into MP by default to give you overall sizes

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Why not just du -sh /opt/local? –  EmmEff Oct 7 '11 at 15:06
That works as well, I like being in the directory to start tinkering so go down the cd path ;) –  Nicholas Smith Oct 7 '11 at 15:14
???. I'd like to know the single package size, not the sum of all the macports. –  Lohoris Oct 8 '11 at 12:16

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