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I just saw that VLC doesn't support 10-bit yet (i checked the link here and i don't see a 1.2 build)

Is there any other good player that supports this?

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The comments in the link you provide indicate the latest vlc-git nightly release should work with 10-bit mkv files.

On the VLC nightly build page, look for the first file with a file name that starts with "vlc-git-intel" or "vlc-git-intel64". Download the former if you want the 32-bit version, the latter for 64-bit. (Even though the vlc-git files don't indicate their version number in the file name, the latest nightly build, as of 10/6/11, is a version 1.2 build)

Be aware these are considered unstable versions, so you may come across unexpected bugs while using the software.

You could also try MplayerX, which I think should support 10-bit video.

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downloading and testing it later! thanks! – corroded Oct 7 '11 at 4:34

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