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I will be interviewing someone in a few weeks for a story, and we won't have the opportunity to meet in person. Therefore, the interview will be done on Skype or something along these lines.

What's the best way to record both me and the person I'll be interviewing?

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I suggest you use Ecamm Call Recorder. It's a plugin for Skype that will record both sides of the conversation into separate tracks. If you need high quality audio, you could have your interviewee record their own audio locally with QuickTime and send you the audio file. We use a combination of these two to create the Ask Different Podcast - individual QuickTime recordings for quality, and a Skype recording that we use to sync up the conversation.

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Sounds good, I'll look into it. –  zneak Oct 6 '11 at 7:23
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There are multiple ways to do this.
You can records video and sound with Screenflow or you can record your audio on your Mac with software like Audacity or Apple's very own QuickTime player by using a jack connecting your audio output with your audio input.

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