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Right now, it gets locked in 3-4 minutes. How do I delay the locking? I am using snow leopard

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In Lion, there's a setting in System Preferences under Security & Privacy asking how long after sleep or the screen saver begins is the password required.

enter image description here

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After I click the lock to make changes, my "Require password" is disabled. Perhaps this is a custom change in my office provided laptop? – xyz Oct 6 '11 at 5:52

If anyone gets this problem you wont solve it with the above. You will need to go to system preferences and then energy saving and then set the time-out for battery and plug-in use. Spotlight (Cmd + Space) and enter Energy Saving. Once you're in you'll find it :)

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The question was how to delay the locking (i.e. requirement of username + password). What you've described is how to change the delay before the screen turns off. That's something else entirely. The accepted answer is correct. – T Nguyen Aug 6 '15 at 9:50

Use this helpful app for easy toggling between locking or not:

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