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I'm running a 2007 24" iMac, and recently installed OS X Lion. I am trying to use the EyeTV software for my Elgato TV tuner. When I run the program, Console logs messages of the form:

automountd[14168]: parse_entry: bad key in map auto_home: EyeTV Archive

and the program crashes. I have a vague understanding of what autofs is, but I have no idea why it is being invoked. I looked up Apple's autofs source code and it seems that "EyeTV Archive" is being passed in as a key to something, somewhere (like I said, I know know much about autofs). Can somebody help, please?

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My best guess is that you have an unmounted volume set in the EyeTV settings under Recording / "EyeTV Archive" Location.

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Try deleting any Library folders used by EyeTV before running the app. This has solved different issues that I have had with EyeTV in the past. Hope this helps.

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