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It looks like ffmpeg will not work with MOV files created using iMovie. Is there a way to batch convert these files (which are HUGE) to a compressed format, preferably mp4? I've also tried HandBrake with no success (though I assume ffmpeg is under the hood).

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Why would ffmpeg not work? I've used it hundreds of times to convert .mov(s) to .mp4(s). It would help to know how exactly you are 'trying' to use it. – l'L'l Sep 28 '11 at 20:49

You may try MPEG StreamClip also. There is Batch mode — cmd+b

But it's hard to tell based on your information why Handbrake was not able to help you.

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There's also Video Monkey (although it uses ffmpeg under the hood), but if HandBrake doesn't work for you, I doubt it will as well.

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