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I am using a USB wifi adapter on my Lion imac. I am trying to use that connection to create a working wifi hot spot with the imac's internal airport.

I tried following these instructions:

It didn't work, though. It feels like i need to do one more step to get the connection bridged between the usb adapter and the airport.

Thanks, zeem

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I think this will only work on wifi adaptors that support bridged mode wireless. Not all of them do. The internal Airport does which is why it can be turned into a hotspot.

I think you'll be able to go this way

Share your connection from : [usb wifi adaptor] 
To Computers using : [airport] 

Setting up all security features as per normal.

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seems like this is the answer, but it looks like the adapter doesn't support what's needed. thanks for the help. – zeemy23 Sep 26 '11 at 19:48

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