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I have a MacBook Pro that I travel with a lot. I also have a NAS for my home network. Many timesI use my MacBook in areas where I do not have Internet access. I'd like to have copies of some of my folders while I travel and sync up when I return back home. Is there anything like the Microsoft 'Offline Files' feature present in the MacOS, or do I need to script something like this myself?

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Have you ever tried Dropbox? Just throwing it out there; always a possibility... and I know it keeps local copies and syncs when you have internet. – kevin9794 Sep 25 '11 at 22:55

I use chronosync to sync my laptop back to my iMac and NAS. It's not a free solution, but once its setup it works. There are other options available from a simple rsync script to other sync tools.

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SpiderOak's sync feature actually works very well. It also encrypt's everything on your machine, so plain data never gets transmitted. I use this for important files I like to keep sync'ed. I do agree though, that Dropbox works very well. I have also been a ChronoSync user for a couple of years, and it's sync features are great as well.

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If you roll your own (I did), I would strongly suggest you use Unison. I have a couple of launchd jobs that watch key directories (~/Documents, ~/.dotfiles).

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