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Does anyone know of an icon set that he's the same blue icons as are standard in Lion, yet with extended meaning?

E.g. a folder with a pacman figure (to denote a games folder) on front.

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I don't know of a pre-built set out there for you, but there's a nifty app on the Mac App Store called "Folders Factory" that makes it very easy to make customized folders. Just drop in your pacman image and it'll create a folder and allow you to tweak settings, placement, colors, etc.

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Oh, AWESOME! I always do extend the basic folders in certain directories, and could totally use that to unify the look. – NReilingh Sep 25 '11 at 16:35

You could check

for icons and you can always open an icon in preview hit cmd + a and then cmd +c then go to the folder you want to change, hit get info and in the top right corner click the folder icon and hit cmd +v for paste

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