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I have been using the default installation of oh-my-zsh (robbyrussell theme) without issues. I just did a 'git pull' and now on startup I see a weird prompt. As soon as I press any key the prompt becomes normal and I can use the terminal without any issues.

I assume something in the startup script got damaged or changed when I updated or possibly the prompt config?

Here is the contents of the theme file:

PROMPT='%{$fg_bold[red]%}<E2><9E><9C> %{$fg_bold[green]%}%p %{$fg[cyan]%}%c %    {$fg_bold[blue]%}$(git_prompt_info)%{$fg_bold[blue]%} % %{$reset_color%}'

ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_DIRTY="%{$fg[blue]%}) %{$fg[yellow]%}<E2><9C><97>%{$reset_color%}"

I am a Mac OSX and terminal newbie so sorry if it is obvious.

Thanks, Jarrod

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What do you actually see? – Mark Sep 23 '11 at 10:25
I uninstalled and reinstalled, which resolved the issue. But I was seeing sometimes one '?' sometimes multiple followed by the default cursor (solid rectangle) – NetRunner Sep 23 '11 at 14:26

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