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Where are Apple's default desktop images stored?

Does anybody know where the folders containing the default (i.e. system) wallpapers are located on OS X Lion? (it may not have changed from previous versions of OS X, so please also tell me if you know where they are on a previous version of OS X). Thanks!

[EDIT:] Indeed, a dupe. What threw me off was that I was looking for "Wallpaper", not "Desktop Pictures". Maybe add a tag synonym [wallpaper] for [desktop], to aid searching people who make the same mistake.

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Its on:

/Library/Desktop Pictures

Notice though this is the system library, not the user library, so its right on your hardrive and not inside your user folder.

Its hidden by default. Go to terminal and type open /Library to open it.

Hope it helps!

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I used CMD+Shift+G to paste the path there... also works fine. Thanks! I was aware of the now-hidden-by-default Library folders, I must have been looking right past it a couple of times... :) – Sjoerd Sep 23 '11 at 3:44
Haha right. Cmd+Shift+G! Sorry, I'm a Terminal kind of person :P Your welcome! Glad it helped. – kevin9794 Sep 23 '11 at 20:54

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