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I often use emacs from a terminal (emacs -nw), and when comparing two files side-by-side (C-x 3) it is often useful to go into full-screen mode. I'm using a 27" screen, so full-screen mode provides a lot of screen real estate, usually more than I need. To counteract this, I typically increase the font size under Terminal->Preferences->Setings.

Is there a way to have settings -- e.g. font size -- changed automatically when going to full screen in a Terminal application?

I notice that one can define a preset Setting, which can be swapped out easily, but it would be nice if it was swapped out automatically when going full screen.

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You could try AppleScript to do something like

tell application "Terminal"
    set zoomed of window 0 to true
    set font size of window 0 to 24
end tell

but I haven't found a way to activate fullscreen mode this way yet

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Great idea. I'll need to learn a little AppleScript'ing, as I'm fairly new to Mac's :). – cm2 Sep 23 '11 at 20:11

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