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The Dropbox app is shown in Launchpad. When I click on it's icon to launch it nothing happens and I return to my browser. Is this normal?

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Dropbox has no "Window" to speak of. Everything it does takes place either:

  1. On
  2. Via the Finder in the configured Dropbox folder (NB: right click a file in the Dropbox folder), simply named 'Dropbox' in your home directory by default. Or;
  3. In the MenuBar

Dropbox Menubar Icon

Per Dropbox's Documentation, the primary states will be a blue icon with circular arrows indicating a file is synchronizing, or the green checkmark icon like above, indicating everything is up to date.

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There is no dropbox app - it runs in the background - There is an icon on the menu bar.

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There is a Dropbox app (/Applications/, but it has no visible window (just the menu bar icon). – Nathan Greenstein Sep 21 '11 at 23:36

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