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Happens intermittently: When I unplug my Sony headphones, I am unable to get my 17" MBP (2.8ghz intel core 2 duo, running Lion), to make any sound. I've tried a handful of different hardware, and nothing will make a peep.

Restarting "fixes" it.

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Have you tried simply reinserting the headphones and pulling them back out again? Sometimes pulling headphones out too quickly can leave the OS confused. –  Samuel Mikel Bowles Sep 20 '11 at 1:38

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Its a bug Lion has.

This thread should provide you with more info of users suffering the same bug.

This app claims to fix it (I found it on that same thread).

I haven't had the bug for a while, but I did have it quite a bit before. I really hope Apple fixes it, by 10.7.2 perhaps.

Hope it helps!

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Please add the relevant content to your answer; if those links die, your answer becomes useless. It's also worth noting it happens to me on 10.10 with a Late 2013 MBPr 15-inch. –  George Stocker 2 hours ago

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