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If I have:


..and I'd like to awk/sed this to:


..what's the syntax?

I'm trying to use:

system_profiler SPMemoryDataType | awk '/Type/ {print $2} /Speed/ {print $2}'|sed 's/\r$/a\"-"/'

to output type-speed (ie DDR-1067).

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If you don't get any sed/awk help here, there are plenty of other sites that address those unix tools explicitly, rather than by extension that a mac program is generating xml output. Just hop in the chat room if you need help selecting a destination or flag it for moderator help if you prefer. – bmike Sep 15 '11 at 20:25

Use this sed instead:

|sed '$!N;s/\n/ /' 

system_profiler SPMemoryDataType | awk '/Type/ {print $2} /Speed/ {print $2}'|sed '$!N;s/\n/ /'


DDR3 1066
DDR3 1066
DDR3 1066
Empty Empty
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How do you make it stop after the first line though? When I awk using the above command I get: DDR2-667 [carriage return] DDR2-667 I just want the first line. – user11315 Sep 23 '11 at 21:29
Insert an ;exit after /Speed/ {print $2 ,so it would look like: .... /Speed/ {print $2;exit} ..... – l'L'l Sep 24 '11 at 4:04

Awk can easily do this on it's own, like so:

system_profiler SPMemoryDataType | awk '/Type:/ {type=$2} /Speed:/ {speed=$2; printf "%s-%s\n", type, speed}'
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