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Is it Possible to export the notes made in Entourage 2008 V 12.0.0 to Apple Mail notes? How do I do it?

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You can Export your notes in Entourage by going to File > Export... or selecting Shift + Command + S, and then check boxing only Notes. When this is exported to a location of your choice (e.g. Desktop), it saves as a .rge. This file type cannot be opened in Apple Mail. Show Package Contents reveals a Notes folder with your exported notes encrypted inside that can only be opened via Entourage. I more or less ran into a dead end trying to figure this out for you. As far as I could figure out, this cannot be done any easier way than the following:

  • Open Entourage
  • Go to Notes
  • Go to Edit > Select All (or Command + A) to select all of your notes
  • Go to File > Print (or Command + P) to act like you will print all of your notes
  • Select PDF > Save As PDF... and select a location of your choice (e.g. Desktop)
  • Try and import these into Apple Mail, and if unsuccessful import the PDFs you just created into Evernote
  • Rejoice or sulk depending on the situation and/or your mood

Let me know if you have any futher questions, and I promise that you'll enjoy Evernote if forced to use it. It's the business!

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The select all, print, PDF worked beautifully. I can't tell you how long I tried to find an easy way. You did! SO cool!

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