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I downloaded MPlayerX from the App Store and I would like to use it to play a video in loop.

Is there a way to do that?

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About your "quality standards" question, see here – Loïc Wolff Sep 15 '11 at 15:28
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Yes you can!!!

  1. Open the MPlayerX Preferences window by pressing +, or via the menu
    MPlayerX → Preferences…
  2. Go to the Advanced tab in the Preferences window.
  3. In the textfield with the label Extra Options enter -loop n, where n is the number of times you want to loop.
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Strangely it isn't working for me now... MPlayerX automatically closes after one go. Anyone facing a similar situation? – JI Xiang Aug 3 '14 at 5:20

I can't find a menu, preference option, or any mention on the support page or change logs for a looping option, so I think it might be safe to say no, there isn't a way to do that with that piece of software.

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There is another method.

Open the video in MPlayerX and pause it. Drag the timeline slider to the desired starting point (keep it all the way left to start from the begginiing at time 0:00). Click Playback in the menubar > A-B Loop > Set Start Point.

Then, drag the timeline slider to the ending point (or all the way right if you want to loop the entire video). Go to Playback > A-B Loop > Set Return Point.

Now the video will keep looping between these 2 points.

Hope this helps.

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Its simple. Choose the video you want to watch. Open it and pause before playing. Then click the button on the right most top and press play where u can find the loop option. Have fun

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Can you add more explanation? I didn't find any loop option. And the -loop n would have a black screen. – Puttin Jul 8 at 5:40

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